LEXQUIRO Addresses Privacy Obligations

LEXQUIRO helps organizations address their privacy obligations. How do I do this? Well, LEXQUIRO is Latin for ‘Legal Queries.’ I love finding answers to people’s legal questions. This is because I excel at research and writing. I listen, and I ask questions to get to the heart of the matter.

I won’t know the answer to every question. Technology and the law are evolving. Technology faster than the law. When I don’t know the answer I will research the issue to find the answer. Sometimes it involves partnering with another attorney for their expertise. But in the end, I will ensure you understand what data your organization is collecting, how the data is being used, and what privacy obligations having the data creates.

I work hard to present answers as a set of alternatives, and explain the benefits and risks of each alternative. However, I believe the client must ultimately make the decision on which alternative best suits their needs.

Working Efficiently and Effectively

I work efficiently and effectively. I don’t have a brick and mortar office in a high rise with a view of Elliot Bay. There is no fancy furniture. No expensive items with the company logo etched on them. In other words, you’re not paying for my overhead. I want to impress you with my work, not my office.

I work where you work. If that isn’t convenient then I will work with you to leverage technology for conference calls or other electronic communications. I work collaboratively. This means I work when you work. Even if that means I has to be available evenings and weekends.

Managing Engagements for Success

I manage each engagement by:

  • Listening to your questions, ideas, and desires to ensure I understand your goals
  • Asking questions to ensure both you and I understand the root issue, timeline, and budget
  • Working with you to tailor his services to address your specific needs
  • Researching and explaining the options and ensure you understand the risks associated with each option
  • Ensuring you make the final decisions
  • Being available and responsive throughout the legal consultation process.

Therefore each engagement is a collaborative process.

Limited Legal Services

LEXQUIRO provides limited legal services. This doesn’t mean that the value of the legal advice is limited. Rather, it is the extent of the services I provide that are limited.

The focus is on providing advice related to privacy matters. Generally, this touches on data management and security. LEXQUIRO tries to perform all legal services for a fixed fee. But if this doesn’t met your needs, I can consult for an hourly fee.

I leverage my project management and software development knowledge to ensure successful engagements. I break every engagement into a series of tasks with an estimate of the time and cost to perform each task. In many cases, the client may choose to perform some of the tasks themselves. That’s fine. It will be identified in a scope of work and engagement plan.

This approach keeps the engagement efficient and cost effective. Both parties know what is expected of them. Both parties know when work will be completed.

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