Lexquiro’s Approach

LEXQUIRO’s approach is to provide limited legal services. Typically, LEXQUIRO performs legal services for a flat fee rather than billable hours. However, this approach only limits the scope and duration of the legal services. It does not limit the quality.

LEXQUIRO’s approach leverages Michael’s project management knowledge. He exploits modern project management principles including Agile methodologies and Kanban boards. For example, Michael uses these methods to identify the legal tasks that require a lawyer’s attention and knowledge. He also identifies tasks the client might want to perform. Therefore, Michael might draft a Privacy Policy for the client. Subsequently, the client might post and update the policy.

Once Michael and the client agree to the task list it becomes the basis for a scope of work with delineated responsibilities and due dates. Most important, this scope of work is incorporated into an engagement agreement between LEXQUIRO and the customer.

How LEXQUIRO’s approach benefits clients

LEXQUIRO’s approach manages the provision of legal services in the same way most client’s manage key projects. Therefore, the client can be comfortable that LEXQUIRO will deliver efficient, effective, and economical legal services. Above all, it ensures the client understands the law, the timeline, the deadlines, and all associated risks.

Communication key

LEXQUIRO’s approach is based on good communications. That is to say our approach is based on defined deliverables and communication on progress toward meeting those deliverables. Michael works hard to keep clients informed of progress, and when you contact LEXQUIRO, you’re talking with Michael. Even after normal working hours. This means you will always know where things stand.

As a result, Michael’s client’s can make informed decisions.

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