Privacy Policy

LEXQUIRO Privacy Policy

Our goal is to keep this LEXQUIRO Privacy Policy as simple as possible. Generally, the website only collects personal data under the LEXQUIRO Privacy Policy when a site visitor completes the Contact or Comment forms. In those cases, the personal data could include a visitor’s name, email, and phone number. Plus any personal data you include in your message. For this reason we advise you not to include any confidential or personal data. Instead, just describe the issue in basic terms and we will get in touch to discuss the matter further.

Attorney’s have an obligation to keep client data confidential. And we do that. However, please note that contacting LEXQUIRO via the contact form or by phone does not create an attorney-client relationship. To create an attorney-client relationship we must have an engagement agreement in place. Regardless, if you fill out the Contact or Comment form, LEXQUIRO has a legitimate business need to keep that information as a business record. This allows us to prove the status of any such relationship. Sorry to get all legal about this, but it’s a matter of professional responsibility.

Other than these cases we try not to collect any personal data about people who visit this website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unfortunately, this is where things get tricky. In order to have the best information and experience for visitors to the site, it is necessary to know how people find us. And what they do once they find us. Full disclosure, the LEXQUIRO PLLC website is a WordPress site. To determine how people found the website, and what information is most popular with visitors, the website uses two WordPress plugins: Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights, and Yoast SEO.

Under this LEXQUIRO Privacy Policy, the information from these plug-ins is only used to determine where people come from to visit the website, how they navigate the website, and to make it easier for people to find the website in a search engine. This use should not collect any personal data. Additionally, under the LEXQUIRO Privacy Policy LEXQUIRO does not analyze this usage information to try to determine who you are our learn anything about you personally. However, if you use tools like the Electronic Freedom Foundation Privacy Badger, you may see a tracker. Additionally, if you check your browser’s settings or history you should not see any cookies set by the website. If you do see a cookie or any other tracker from our site let us know and we will turn them off and delete any data they have collected.

Seeing, Altering, or Deleting Your Personal Data

LEXQUIRO PLLC wants to earn your business and your trust. Therefore, if you have a question about this LEXQUIRO Privacy Policy, contact us. We’re always willing to discuss this matter and make things better. If you want to know what personal data we may have about you, contact us. We’ll let you know. And if something is wrong, we’ll correct. Finally, if we agree there is no legitimate business reason to keep the data, we’ll delete it. The only hitch, we’ll need some proof you are who you say you are before we disclose any data.