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Michael will gladly customize LEXQUIRO’s legal services to meet client’s needs. For example, here are some LEXQUIRO’s legal services that assist clients.

Terms of Service (TOS)

LEXQUIRO can draft Terms of Service (TOS) for your products and services, including websites, web apps, and web services. Users agree to be bound by the TOS (sometimes Terms and Conditions) in order to use service. Readable and understandable TOS agreements ensure your customers understand their rights and obligations, and can convince your customers you are a company worthy of their business and trust.

Data Processing Impact Assessment (DPIA)

LEXQUIRO can help your organization complete a data processing impact assessment (DPIA). Above all, this assessment can help your organization determine the privacy impact and risk of the organization’s collection of data with current and new technologies.

Although having a DPIA may not be mandatory for your organization under current regulations, preparing a DPIA can help an organization understand what data it has. And how it is using the data. Once that is known, the organization can communicate how personal data is used and earn the customer’s trust.

Privacy Policy

LEXQUIRO can draft a privacy policy A privacy policy details which user data a web site or application collects and processes. For example, it tells people how you will use their data; is it shared or sold? A readable and understandable privacy policy makes it easier to gain consent to collect and process data. A clear policy convinces your customers you are worthy of their business and trust.

Making Good Privacy an Asset

The privacy-law landscape is dynamic. It is constantly changing at the state, federal, and international level. Therefore, keeping track of all the changes can be both time consuming and costly.

LEXQUIRO can help you spot trends in the legislation and stay in front of changes. In addition, Michael can help you define and implement privacy practices that ensure customers trust you and want to continue to work with you over the long haul.

Open Source Software Policy

Many organization’s use Open Source Software (OSS). Such OSS provides quality and useful software at both the component and application level. However, companies are not always aware of what Open Source Software is in use in the organization.

Although an organization may not have to pay for Open Source Software, there are still licensing obligations which can differ substantially based on the Open Source Software license.

LEXQUIRO can help you assess where Open Source Software is used in an organization, and set policies to ensure users of the software are complying with the licenses. This can be particularly important prior to exercising any exit or merger strategy.

Service Agreements (Including Service Level Agreements)

Organizations using hosted-services (the cloud) have to sign subscription or licensing agreements for such services. Even if your organization is too small to negotiate specific terms, including service level agreements and specific remedies, the organization should understand their rights and obligations.

LEXQUIRO can assist you in understanding such rights and obligations so you sign these agreements with your eyes open.

Not Sure What You Need?

Many organization’s suspect they have a technology law problem. However, they don’t know where to begin. Therefore, Michael will customize LEXQUIRO’s legal services to help answer questions including:

  • What data does your organization collect?
  • Why does your organization collect it?
  • How is the organization using the data we collect?
  • How long is the organization keeping data?
  • Is the data secure?
  • What risks does having this data create?
  • How should the organization manage that risk?
  • What Open Source Software is the organization using?
  • Has the organization agreed to any TOS or other Service Agreements?
  • Has the organization asked its customers to sign TOS and Privacy Policies?


Image Attribution: Kaushik.chug [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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