Questions I answer for founders and entrepreneurs

  • What type of business entity (Corp or LLC) best suits our needs and in which state should we form that entity?
  • One of our founders isn’t working out…what can we do?
  • Can we use crowdfunding to start our business?
  • Do we need a privacy policy for the customer data we’re collecting?

Questions I answer for initial employees

  • Does my former employer have any claims to my idea for my startup?
  • I’m thinking of forming a startup with my friends. Do we need to formalize our understanding about our roles and expectations prior to forming a company?
  • I’m working for a startup. Am I an employee or a contractor?
  • I have been offered a job with a startup for equity in the company, is this a good idea? What does it really mean?

I can answer the legal questions you have about your startup or small business!

I understand that when you are starting a new business you have a lot of questions on your mind. I know this because I have been involved in both successful and failed startups. In fact, Lexquiro is a legal startup trying to build new ways of providing cost effective legal services. Some of your questions will be about your idea and whether your business is feasible. Many have to do with how you’re going to raise and make money. But often the most nagging questions relate to legal matters. Questions similar to the ones listed above. Getting your particular questions answered is important not only for your business success but for your peace of mind.

But finding specific answers to your legal questions can be difficult. Legal advice on the Internet may be too generic. Or just wrong. And researching the law yourself may not be the best use of your time. You’d like to consult with an attorney but you’re worried it will cost you a lot of money and in the end you won’t understand their answer.

That’s where I can help. I leverage my forty years of technical and business expertise, with my knowledge of the law to provide you with advice and counsel to address your questions. One of the main questions I answer for clients is where and when your idea, product, or service is likely to conflict with the law. Particularly if you are using emerging technologies and evolving business methods.

Providing such advice naturally leads to performing other legal services such as drafting a variety of documents, contracts, and letters, reviewing legal documents and contracts, negotiating for services, and giving additional legal counsel.

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