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Michael John Cherry, Attorney

Strategic Legal Advice for Startups

Thousands of questions pop into founder’s minds while starting their business. Michael Cherry knows this because he’s been there. He’s started and run successful businesses. He’s designed and brought products to market. Michael’s latest startup is Lexquiro. A virtual law firm dedicated to answering founders’ and initial employees’ legal questions.

Affordable and Responsive Legal Advice

Often the most nagging questions relate to legal matters. Therefore, solid legal advice from experienced counsel is key to both success and peace of mind. Just as important is preserving valuable resources including money and time. Not to mention the very ideas that make the company innovative and disruptive.

Lexquiro Can Help

Lexquiro leverages Michael Cherry’s forty years of technical and business expertise and his knowledge of the law. He won’t just answer your legal questions, he’ll work with you to get your business started.

Why not explore Lexquiro’s Services and Approach? Or Contact Michael at 425 765-8977 for a free 30-minute consultation.

Great advice with corporate formation

“As a software entrepreneur, I hired Michael Cherry to advise me on certain unique legal considerations of corporate formation. After understanding my situation, he researched the situation and produced advice that was clear, balanced, and actionable. I subsequently sought his advice on personal legal matters as well. I wholeheartedly endorse Michael and his work.”

Ed Eykoldt

Lively Gig

Trustworthy Legal Advisor

“I hired Michael to evaluate my obligations under an employment agreement as I was exiting my company, and to advise me on a consulting agreement I was preparing to sign. I had such a positive experience with Michael that I also engaged him to help me navigate the complexities of starting my own small business. Michael was very patient with my many questions, ensuring I had a clear understanding of the steps I needed to take, and taking extra care to educate me in the area of consulting contracts… Michael’s integrity, reliability, attention to detail, and legal acumen leads me to offer him my highest recommendation.”

Robyn Hendrikson

Senior Associate, Plum Consulting

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