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LEXQUIRO PLLC offers technology law related legal services. This is to say, LEXQUIRO PLLC helps companies solve legal problems with their technology-based products or services. For example, LEXQUIRO PLLC can help with privacy regulation compliance. Such as with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Similarly, LEXQUIRO PLLC can write understandable Terms of Service or other agreements for your products or services. So customers will trust you, your products, and your services.

Michael Cherry and LEXQUIRO PLLC

Michael Cherry started LEXQUIRO PLLC after spending over thirty-five years working with technology. His experience includes designing operating system features, building large networks, and advising companies on software development and system’s architecture. In addition, he has helped organizations with proprietary and open source software licensing.

Most important, Michael has a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Master of Laws (LLM) in Innovation and Technology Law.

Therefore, if you have a technology law problem, Michael will combine his skills and knowledge to get up-to-speed on your technology, and quickly and professionally help you solve your technology law problems.

Let LEXQUIRO help you solve your technology-law problems!

Great advice with corporate formation

“As a software entrepreneur, I hired Michael Cherry to advise me on certain unique legal considerations of corporate formation. After understanding my situation, he researched the situation and produced advice that was clear, balanced, and actionable. I subsequently sought his advice on personal legal matters as well. I wholeheartedly endorse Michael and his work.”

Ed Eykoldt

Lively Gig

Trustworthy Legal Advisor

“I hired Michael to evaluate my obligations under an employment agreement as I was exiting my company, and to advise me on a consulting agreement I was preparing to sign. I had such a positive experience with Michael that I also engaged him to help me navigate the complexities of starting my own small business. Michael was very patient with my many questions, ensuring I had a clear understanding of the steps I needed to take, and taking extra care to educate me in the area of consulting contracts… Michael’s integrity, reliability, attention to detail, and legal acumen leads me to offer him my highest recommendation.”

Robyn Hendrikson

Senior Associate, Plum Consulting


Highly Recommend

“Michael Cherry is a terrific lawyer who knows how provide in-depth, well thought-out answers to hard business questions. Looking for someone you don’t have to explain (and pay) to understand your deep-tech? Michael’s vast experience with software and the business of licensing enables him to get to the heart of the issues immediately. He’s very responsive and his cost structure fits well within the needs and budget of a startup.”

David Greschler

CEO/Co-founder NOMAD

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