was a pleasure to provide you with legal services...


Michael J. Cherry, Attorney

Six years ago I set out to create a new style law firm—a client-centric, virtual law firm—with no physical office. I believed I could combine my technical and legal experience to assist client reach their dreams by starting their own businesses. Like many firms, LEXQUIRO evolved and LEXQUIRO began to focus on cyberlaw and privacy, while still helping startups.

Along the way I helped many clients and I thank them for their trust in me. I hope they will continue to follow their dreams and succeed in their endeavors.

I am closing LEXQUIRO to focus on two areas. First, I hope to take what I learned running a virtual law firm and leverage it to advance how legal services are offered to the public to address access to justice for people who cannot find legal services they can afford. I will do this through the Practice of Law Board and the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA). Second, I will continue to focus on my pro-bono work for agencies such as the King County Bar Association Housing Justice Project.

If you are a client, I am no longer available to do any new work on your behalf, but you may contact me at my email address if you need to speak with me about previous work, or if you need a referral to another attorney. I will be keeping your client file until there is no legal obligation to retain them. You should already have a copy of your client file.

If you are looking for an attorney to help you with your legal needs, I suggest you check the legal directory at the WSBA and with the bar association in your county.


Michael Cherry

Managing Member, LEXQUIRO PLLC